Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DieMonsterDie NEEDS your help on KICKSTARTER.COM

Greetings Fiends, I know it has been awhile since I have posted, I have been recording episodes of my NEW podcast called Corpse Cast every week, so it makes it difficult to update here, BUT this time I write on behalf of DIEMONSTERDIE  we/they need your help...

DIEMONSTERDIE  have been hard at work on writing a new album, and have created a Kickstarter.com page to record and release this NEW album on Vinyl.. with 18 days left to go 49 people have donated DIEMONSTERDIE  had raised $3,919 towards the $6000 dollar goal..

As some of you might know, DIEMONSTERDIE  are very close to the goal, but even if the band comes up 1 dollar short they get nothing.. this is where you come in, ANYTHING  you can donate would be awesome.. the rewards for donaters to this project are amazing.. please share this with your friends, post it on Facebook, RT on Twitter.. and donate... this is where fans of DIEMONSTERDIE  friends and Horror Punk fiends, come out and support...

the link below will take you to the DIEMONSTERDIE  Kickstarter page, watch the video, look at the rewards they are offering, and scrape together a few sheckles out of the pocket to donate. I KNOW times are tough, which is why the band has decided to ask friends and fans for the support they need. and I know you are out there, I know at least on DMD song has stuck in your heart.

thanks to everyonewho has supported Diablocast, DieMonsterDie and Horror Punk... the time is NOW.. dont wait til the last day to donate, do it now, if you can.. DIEMONSTERDIE   have released 7 studio albums over 12 years.. they know you are out there, I know you are there with well over 50,000 visits to DIABLOCAST  alone.. I know if you are reading this you WILL help..

The Kickstarter.com link below

thank you all!