Thursday, July 25, 2013

That's Life...a message about DIEMONSTERDIE

It's not painful, it's not the is just another day. DIEMONSTERDIE has been together for 13 years Zero and I have been together for 20 years.. the music you hear and have heard is a collection of great musicians Mercury Rising, Raven Blades, Lavern Lavey, Stikki Nixx, Windhawk, but what is the truth..the constant..the always gonna be there? well, it's Zero and me...I am not posting this on Facebook, because that is the quick result to get people involved in a snap shot of a situation ( and we all know that is not the whole story) SO... I am going to give you the whole it is.. so you know TRUTH instead of fiction..

I had a falling out with Noah (windhawk) because he is young, and feels like he has the world in his hands (as we all do when we are that young age) he wanted to "change" or "update" or "revilatize" what DMD is...BUT he wanted to do it according to what HE thought was good.. not asking Zero or myself what we thought, what we wanted or what we cared about.. I think this was NOT about the band at all, but about getting his "name" out there.. and he did a fine job of that.. 

Bottom line is, we had to take time after finishing this amazing album, to reconnect, because of the damage this young nobody did.He is not the first and not the last guitar player we have played with that has went the way of the sun... maybe I am a bastard, maybe I am hard to work with, maybe everything is all my fault, maybe I don't know what I am doing... OR maybe everything I am saying now is truth? but you know what, that is okay..because me and zero have made record after record, line up after line up, member after member, BUT it has always been kick back, no push, no pull, no bossy bullshit..just ROCK! and it has been great.

if you are reading this it's because you came here to read it.. some people will read it and, have missed all the stupid drama.. but this is my space to say what I want. DMD is NOT gone... one nightmare is over another begins.. trust me when I say me and Zero have been through tornados and back.. but the one thing that will always be constant is the two of us.. his voice, his songwriting..and whatever I can bring to the table.. I wish I could wish everyone the best..but I dont.. you have to feel the painful pinch, get over yourself before you can grow and accept the raw and real deal..

it is what it is..