Friday, August 1, 2008

Do you beleive in God?

The question of the millenium, i want to hear your awnser, Do you beleive in god? and why?

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Crimson Ghosts on tour NOW!!!

The Crimson Ghosts' new album was released on March 21st on Fiend Force Records and it is a MUST have, do yourself a favor go pick this amazing album up right now,.... have I heard the whole no. BUT... what i have heard tells me it is gonna be the best so far! they also hit the road.. In the US? NO but perhaps soon especially if i have anything to do with it,. LOOK, you have the links to go get the new album!! go get it!! you have the tour dates right here, if you live in europe, make the trip!!! see this amazing band!!!

Mar 28 2008
Mar 29 2008
Mar 30 2008
Opole (PL)
Mar 31 2008
W Starym Kinie (PL)
Apr 1 2008
Apr 3 2008
Apr 4 2008
Apr 5 2008
Sonic Ballroom
Apr 26 2008
May 16 2008
Holiday Cafe
Gozzano, Novara, Novara
May 17 2008
Comunità Giovanile
Busto Arsizio, Varese
Aug 8 2008
Cafe Nord
Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Sep 20 2008
Halle Gartlage - Hellflame Festival
Oct 3 2008
Alte rohrmeisterei - Devils Revenge Festival
Nov 8 2008
Cafe Wagner
Dec 27 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Download Diablocast Episode 5 now (march 2008)

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This Episode features a tribute to The Independents , we are gonna play 4 songs from the bands relatively new album "Eternal Bond" .

The Independents are long time veternas of the scene, and constant road ogs, they are out on tour through the months of March and April, visit other blogs on Diablocast, to find out where and when they will be in your town!!

Super Creepy interview with Wretched from Grave Robber, talk about love, life, the band, and what IT/HE considers to be the scariest moment in a horror film. you do not want to miss this most excellent and creepy interview. Grave Robber currently have one album available, entitled "Be Afraid" definately pick this one up!!

you can find Grave Robber at Myspace at the following address do yourself a favopr and pick this album up!

We also have a brand new feature called UNEARTHED this is featuring bands, that are no longer around, but never the less kick fuckin ass! this weeks salute on Unearthed is DEATH..

and dont miss the new to you band, everything you love about Diablocast and more!! download the podcast right now, and lets rock!!
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DiabloCast Episode 4 playlist and Download

Download Diablocast Episode 4 HERE
(right click and "save target as" enjoy!)

Episode 4 playlist

Prong-Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck Prong Official
Blitzkid- Lupen Tooth Blitzkid Official
The Rosedales-So Ordinary The Rosedlaes Official
Others-I, Vampire Others Official
Bad Religion-News From The Front Bad Religion Official
The Independents-The next Kiss, Is The Last Goodbye The Independents Official
Overkill-Skull And Bones Overkill Official
She Wants Revenge- She Wants Revenge Official
Rezurex-Dia De Los Muertos Rezurex Official
The Wraiths- I Speak Rock N Roll
DieMonsterDie-Lifless Are The Eyes DieMonsterDie Official
Left For Dead-Ted Danson Left For Dead on Myspace
The Dead Next Door-Graveyard Lover The Dead Next Door Official
The Nightshift-Brainsicle The Nightshift On Myspace
The Crimson Ghosts-Night of The Dead Prom Queen The Crimson Ghosts Official
The Jacknives-Put The Black Magic The Jacknives on Myspace
Rezurex-Prisoner Of Love Rezurex on Myspace
Covered In Bees-Car On Fire With Guns Covered In Bees Official
The Nights shift Interview (Dr Bonnzo)
The Nightshift-The End Of The World The Nightsshift on Myspace
Danzig-She Rides Danzig Official
DieMonsterDie-Inside I Quietly Bleed DieMonsterDie on Myspace
Unknown Hinson-Silver Platter Unknown Hinson on Myspace
The Rocketz-K I L L I N G The Rocketz Official
The Other-In The Dead of Night The Other Official
Double Dose: The Horrifics The Horrifics on Myspace
1.We Glow in The Dark
The Death Riders-Wrong Way Out The Death Riders Official
Grave Robber-Skeletons Grave Robber on Myspace
The Creepshow-Psycho ball And Chain The Creepshow Official
Serpenteens-Zombie Bride Serpenteens Official
Wednesday 13-Haunt Me Wednesday 13 Official
The Crimson Ghosts-Midnight Mayhem The Crimson Ghosts on myspace
The Dead Next Door-The Pain Of The Night The Dead Next Door on Myspace
Eagles of Death Metal-Dont Speak ( I came to make bang) EODM Official
Kalidon-The Skull Of You Kalidon Official
Danzig-Twist Of Cain Danzig Official
Concrete Blonde-Heal It Up Concrete Blonde Official

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The original RUDEBOYS hit the road again! Formerly managed by the late great Joey Ramone, this truth is known, the sun sets and rises, and The Independents are warriors of the road! these guys are ALWAYS out on the road doin what they love, and I can promise you this, if you have seen them... you have never missed them again! Do yourself a HUGE favor and catch THE INDEPENDENTS LIVE it is guranteed to be one of the best shows of your life. The Independents latest release ETERNAL BOND is a constant in my player as it should be to you. take a good health does of advice and see The Independents this March-April!!!!

NOTE: check out DiabloCast episode 5 coming soon for a tribute to The Independents


Mar 14 2008
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Mar 15 2008
Sharp Shooters
Jacksonville, North Carolina
Mar 18 2008
JJ Bohemias
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mar 20 2008
The Muse w/ The creeping Cruds,The Carry Ons.
Mar 21 2008
The Iron City Bar
Middletown, Ohio
Mar 22 2008
The Poison Room w/ Shriek, the Reanimated
Mar 23 2008
Evansville, Indiana
Mar 24 2008
The Blue Bird
ST Louis, Missouri
Mar 25 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Mar 26 2008
The Brass Rail
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mar 27 2008
Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 28 2008
The Nite Owl w/ Legbone
Dayton, Ohio
Mar 29 2008
The Underground
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mar 30 2008
High 5 *Early Show!
Columbus, Ohio
Apr 10 2008
Stage East
FT Pierce, Florida
Apr 11 2008
The Crow Bar
Tampa, Florida
Apr 12 2008
Past Times Pub
Sarasota, Florida
Apr 13 2008
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, Florida
Apr 14 2008
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Apr 15 2008
Hi HO Lounge
New Orleans, Louisiana
Apr 16 2008
Houston, Texas
Apr 17 2008
Rock Bottom
San Antonio, Texas
Apr 18 2008
Room 710
Austin, Texas
Apr 19 2008
The Double Wide w/ Ghoul Town
Dallas, Texas
Apr 20 2008
The Conservatory
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 17 2008
Dingbatz w/ Electric Frankenstien
Clifton, New Jersey

Friday, February 15, 2008

Episode 4

And Action Packed Episode this time my friends, everything you love about the podcast and more!! first, thanks to all of the people that have downloaded the podcast thus far, my bandwidth is stressing, this is good, it means you are downloading the podcast and rockin it, which is all we ever wanted right? This week's Double Dose band The Horrifics we listen to 2 new tracks from the upcoming album Hellbetn 4 Blood, you listen and decide!! The 2 songs We Glow In The Dark and Lightless. The Horrifics Hail from Haltom City, Texas and have been goin strong for sometime. Hellbent For Blood is the follow up to their first release Now Fear This. Visit The Horrifcs at their official myspace page:

We speak with Dr Bonzzo from the band The Nightshift about the recording and release of the new album Los Muertos Due out in April on Dr Cyclops Records. and we are a bran new track
unmastered mind you, but this is the first taste of the brand new album, The nightshift hail from Gothenburg Sweden, and signed to Dr Cyclops Records later in 2007, Los Muertos will be he first official release from the band, but they do have a free e.p. entitled Part Time Monsters available on thier myspace page. Visit The Nightshift here:
and last but not least are new to you band we take a look at a great gothic rock band from Milano Italy, called Kalidon, this amazing band has been around for sometime and have released a few ep's, the song we feature The Skull Of You listen and enjoy, you can find Kalidon on myspace here:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just in time for your Valentines Eve, here it is Episode 4!


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Uknown Hinson is the king of Country Western Troubadours baby, and my new god damn hero.Who is UNKNOWN HINSON? He's a sociopathic, gun-totin', ex-con redneck (charges include three counts of murder one, 19 paternity suits and random grave-robbing offenses) who's purported to be a 400-year-old vampire. He's a former carnival geek whose midway specialties were biting the heads off "certain barnyard fowls" and lifting 50-pound weights with his tongue. He boasts many grand titles, not the least of which are "Chart-Toppin' King of Country & Western Troubadours Ordained" and, most importantly (to him), "God's Gift to the Womens." Oh, and one more thing: Unknown Hinson has previously gone on record as swearing that Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles downright stole most of their hits from him. "Them boys owe me hundreds!"

And now he is headin out on the road, and if you dont go to the show and be amazed!! I will curse all of you with colon cancer!! do yourself a huge favor check the dates below, find the show close to you, and GO!! and tell him Shane Diablo sent ya!!

Feb 14 2008 9:30P
Beta Bar Tallahassee, Florida
Feb 15 2008 9:00P
Bamboo Room Lake Worth, Florida
Feb 16 2008 10:00P
Rockabilly Ruckus WMNF Festival Tampa, Florida
Feb 17 2008 8:30P
Back Booth Orlando, Florida
Feb 29 2008 9:30P
V Club Huntington, West Virginia
Mar 1 2008 9:00P
The Hideaway Johnson City, Tennessee
Mar 7 2008 9:00P
Berkely Cafe Raleigh, North Carolina
Mar 13 2008 9:00P
HiTone Cafe Memphis, Tennessee
Mar 14 2008 6:00P
Arkansas Inksplosion Little Rock, Arkansas
Mar 17 2008 9:00P
Phoenix Hill Tavern Louisville, Kentucky
Mar 27 2008 9:00P
The Handlebar Greenville, South Carolina
Mar 28 2008 9:00P
Patrick Sullivans Knoxville, Tennessee
Mar 29 2008 9:00P
Greene Street Club Greensboro, North Carolina
Apr 5 2008 9:00P
Soapbox Lounge Wilmington, North Carolina
Apr 12 2008 9:00P
The Earl Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 17 2008 9:00P
The Grey Eagle Tavern Asheville, North Carolina
May 1 2008 9:00P
Safari Sam’s Hollywood, California
May 2 2008 9:00P
The Casbah San Diego, California
May 3 2008 7:00P
Tiki Invasion Montclair, California
May 14 2008 9:00P
The Aardvark Ft. Worth, Texas
May 15 2008 9:00P
Continental Club Austin, Texas
May 16 2008 9:00P
Continental Club Houston, Texas
May 17 2008 8:00P
Stubbs BBQ - Texas Rockabilly Revival Austin, Texas
May 21 2008 9:00P
Knuckleheads Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri
May 22 2008 8:00P
Mad Art Gallery St. Louis, Missouri
Jun 20 2008 9:00P
The Taphouse Norfolk, Virginia
Jun 21 2008 9:00P
Canal Club Richmond, Virginia
Jul 2 2008 9:00P
Phoenix Hill Tavern Louisville, Kentucky
Jul 4 2008 8:00P
World Party TBD, Kentucky
Jul 5 2008 9:00P
Cruisers Showcase Somerset, Kentucky
Jul 11 2008 9:00P
Southgate House Newport, Kentucky
Jul 12 2008 9:00P
Frankies Toledo, Ohio
Jul 19 2008 9:00P
The Visulite Charlotte, North Carolina
Jul 25 2008 9:00P
Zydeco Birmingham, Alabama
Jul 26 2008 9:00P
Exit/In Nashville, Tennessee
Oct 31 2008 9:00P
Grey Eagle Tavern Asheville, North Carolina
Apr 30 2009 9:00P
Phoenix Hill Tavern Louisville, Kentucky

Your Moment with A Rock Star!! let's hear it.

Everyone has a story about the coolest rocker in the world, or the biggest prick in the world, well..I wanna hear your story's post them and let me know about it,. Like the time I performed with Gwar, Oderus was a very cool fucking time,... or the time i met Lars Ulrich and told him he was a turd. post your story's good or bad!

Episode 3 Playlist

episode 3 diablocast.

Misfits-Skulls: Misfits Official
Ramones-Rock N Roll High School: Ramones Official
The Dead Next Door-Monster Girl: The Dead Next Door Myspace
The Rosedales-It's Midnight: The Rosedales Official
Diemonsterdie-The Strange Mind Of Phineas Gage: DieMonsterDie Official
H.I.M.-Rip Out The Wings of A Butterfly: H.I.M. Official
Lugosi's Morphine-Leave something Witchy: Lugosi's Morphine Official
The Spookshow-I Can Kill You In A Heart Beat:The Spookshow Official
The Independents-Vamperella:The Independents Official
Gwar-Sick Of You: Gwar Official
Gwar-FishFuck: Gwar Myspace
Talking Heads-Psycho killer: Talking Heads Fansite
Satyricon-K.I.N.G.: Satyricon Official
Ramones-Beat on The Brat: Ramones Official
Hedwig And The Angry Inch-Tear Me Down: Hedwig Fansite
The Cramps-Bikini Girls With Machine Guns: The Cramps Official
Dir En Grey-The Final: Dir En Grey Official
The Crimson Ghosts-BloodRed: The Crimson Ghosts Official
Left For Dead-My Machine: Left For Dead Myspace
Lizzy Borden-Red Rum: Lizzy Borden Official
Double Dose:
1.Johnny B Morbid-Calling All Monsters: Johnny B Morbid Myspace
2.Johnny B Morbid-Freaks
Zombina And The Skeletones-Nobody likes You When Your Dead: Zombina
Blase Debris-Collecting Stares: Blase Debris Official
Nuke And The Living Dead-I'm Your Monster: Nuke Myspace
The Nightshift-Brainsicle: The Nightshift Myspace
Type O Negative-Christian Woman: Type O Negative Official
New To You:
The Wraiths-I Speak Rock N' Roll: The Wraiths Myspace
The Untamed-The Cannibal King: The Untamed Myspace
The Independents-Baby Doll: The Independents myspace
Diemonsterdie-Tornado: DieMonsterDie Myspace
Michale Graves-We Wait: Michale Graves Official
Morrissey-The Father Who Must Be Killed: Morrissey Official
Satyricon-Now Diabolical: Satyricon Myspace
Dir En Grey-Dead Tree: Dir En Grey Myspace

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who is the Zodiac Killer?

To this day, the Zodiac Killer has never been caught, although i never took the time to see the recent film based on the Zodiac Killer, the sunject has alway's been very interesting to me,.

For a greater part of the 1960’s, Northern California was stalked by a serial killer known only as the Zodiac Killer. He was notorious for sending the police letters in his signature handwriting, complete with disturbing jokes and lewd comments targeting police. Over the years the Zodiac talked to newspapers, police and other agencies about shooting little school children, stabbing police, strangling citizens and planting a homemade bomb at an office building. He included sketches of weapons, greeting cards, and even blood soaked pieces of clothing from his victims.
One of the most noticable facets of the Zodiac Killer was his attitude. He has always been overly confident, a little too confident. Although he never signed his letters, he left a trademark symbol instead. His letters were filled with mockings of high officials, and his tone never expressed even a drop of nervousness. He even told the police where he was at different times during a murder, only to chastise them the next morning in a letter discrediting law enforcement. Sadistic, clever, bizarre and highly motivated, the Zodiac Killer made fools of police for over a decade.
The Zodiac Killer began nearly every letter with “This is the Zodiac speaking,” before going into graphic detail about his latest murder to prove to police he was real. At least 7 victims have been proven to be related to the Zodiac in some way, although the Zodiac has claimed 3 times that number of deaths to his name. Many of the Zodiac’s letters also included complex ciphers written inside. Hidden messages with thousands of combinations and possible answer keys. In 1969 the first Zodiac cipher was cracked by a school teacher, and read:


Since the first message was cracked, little has been accomplished in terms of translating the Zodiac’s other secret messages, most notably his 340 symbol cipher. Mailed on November 8th, 1969 the 340 cipher has stumped even the highest experts in the field of decryption. Although some answers have been proposed, none have proved accurate enough to be a confident solution. According to experts, the 340 cipher has 63^26 possible alphabet combination keys, and it would take thousands of years to test them even with the fastest computer. It must be cracked on a basis of extensive trial and error, a feat that is anything but simple. There is hope that one day it will be cracked, especilally since the Zodiac Killer has to this day never been successfully identified. DNA evidence and handwriting analysis has consistently eliminated suspect after suspect. The case’s key suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, died of a heart attack in 1995. The Zodiac case is still open. Here is the Zodiac Killer’s unsolved 340 character cipher:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


NEW YORK - Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment in a possible drug-related death, police said. He was 28.

According to the New York Times, Ledger was found naked and unconscious with pills strewn all around him in an apartment owned by actress Mary-Kate Olsen. Police sources told the Times that the death appeared to be a suicide.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the apartment. The housekeeper, who went to let Ledger know the masseuse was there, found him unconscious at approximately 3:30 p.m. ET, according to the New York Times. After receiving no response from the actor after shaking him, they called authorities.

Man, i have to say this is a mind blower. I have never really followed Heath Ledger's career but i have to say, things started to change for me when i saw a preview for "Batman The Dark Night" trailor.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

DiabloCast Episode 3

Greetings Foul Ones, your FEARLESS Leader and the sexy voice in podcasting is hear!! and we have one hell of a show for you so get to it!! Download the Episode right here:DOWNLOAD EPISODE 3
(to save this episode to your computer right click and save link as)
Featured in this episode, a chat with Jackal from The Crimson Ghosts as well as an EXCLUSIVE listen to " BLOODRED" a track from the brand new album that will be out courtesy of Fiend Force Records on Mrach 21st 2008!This song is an anthem, and if you have an ounce of fury in your bones you will have fist in the air, and be singing along in no time at all. I want to Thank Jackal for his support and offering this exclusive listen. You cannot even hear this song on thier official site yet. so get ready to spill Blood in the streets!, we also talk with Jackal for a moment
about his inspiration and musical taste. find The Crimson Ghosts here: The Crimson Ghosts

For our Double Dose this time around we find Johnny B Morbid (band/front man) from Toms River New Jersey this horror punk man, seems to whip out the albums faster than you can feature them. but this time around we feature 2 songs from his 2007 album "Calling All Monsters" the two songs featured the title track Calling All Monsters and Freaks this is where YOU come in. As Always we want you to post your feedback, let us know what you think of the songs,the band, and all together the show I have put together...dont worry i have thick skin. so get to work!

Our "new to you band" this week, hails from Parma Italy a great band called The Wraiths. They are currently in the studi recording a full length album, the song we will play for you is called I Speak Rock N' Roll Listen and post your thought on this band you can find The Wraiths here:
The Wraiths @

As Always, dont be shy, post your thoughts on the podcast or any bands, stories or vide you see hear!

on a side note, i would like to thank the 500 plus people who have downloaded the last 2 episodes tell a friend, Join The forums at WorldHorrorNetwork.Com
and also check out Dr Cyclops Records it is my baby, and you can find some great music there. We will soon have albums and single song downloads there for you, so check back.

Last But Not Least: Thanks to my friend Marquis Deblood from and the band Others for the new Intro to the show. well done Sir Deblood!!!

stay evil
shane D

DiabloCast Exclusive BLOODRED by The Crimson Ghosts!!

One of the front runners in the Horror Punk scene without a doubt is the infamous German Horror Punks THE CRIMSON GHOSTS, and as I have said before one of my favorites. Well what could make them even closer to my heart than they already are? How about and exclusive listen to a brand new track from the new album? That's right. we have a copy of the songs "BLOODRED" from the new album due out March 21st 2008 entitled "Dead Eyes Can See" released on Fiend Force Records, which let's be honest, have a knack for finding great talent. And to date have not released a sub par album, and this is coming from ME!! One of the owners of Dr Cyclops Records.

Folks you cant even find this song on the official Crimson Ghosts website! That is how kick ass this is!! Thanks to The Crimson Ghosts for giving us this very cool honor. Now wait patiently for Episode 3 to arrive and get ready cause this fucking song is a barn burner!! BOO YA!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Support and No CURSE!!

we all know you have a myspace page or website, or hell even a Facebook profile, live journal. And this is the best way to show me your support or that you listen, or that you hate the show but still listen. Post this banner on your profile page or Live Journal Profile. help a brother out.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Episode 2 Playlist

DieMonsterDie-When Dead Things Rise Again : DieMonsterDie at Myspace
Motorhead-Killed By Death : Motorhead Official
Rocket From The Crypt-I Drink Blood : Rocket From The Crypt Official
The Ledgendary Invisible Men-Spooks Night Out : The Ledgendary Invisible Men Myspace
Balzac-Wall : Balzac Official
45 Grave-Evil : 45 Grave at Myspace
Dr Chud's X-Ward-Spider Baby : Dr Chud's X-Ward Official
DieMonsterDie-Red Wedding Dress : DieMonsterDie Official
The Quintessential-Inferno : The Quintessentials Official
Serpenteens-X Ray Eye's : Serpenteens Official
The Other-Beware of Ghouls : The Other Official
W.A.S.P.-I Wanna Be Somebody : W.A.S.P. Official
King Diamond-Abigail : King Diamond Official
Horror Of 59 (double Dose) Horror Of 59 Official
1.Die My way
2.Post Mortem Riot
Nim Vind- In The Night : Nim Vind Official
Amy Winehouse-Back To Black : Amy Winehouse Official
Alkaline Trio-Dethbed : Alkaline Trio Official
Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell : MeatLoaf Fan site
Misfits-Saturday Night : Misfits Official
Slayer-Dead Skin Mask : Slayer Official
Horror Story-Dellamort Dellamore : Horror Story at Myspace
The Clash-London Calling : The Clash Official
Faith No More-Collision : Faith No More Official
Demented Are Go-Rubber Buccaneer : Demented Are Go Official
Ramones-Pet Cemetery :Ramones Official
Black Magic Six-Raging Bull (new to you) Black Magic Six at Myspace
Left For Dead-Beware The Moon : Left For Dead Label
More Than Never-Bride Of All my Nightmares : More Than Never at Myspace

Thursday, January 10, 2008

DieMonsterDie- A Great And Terrible Loss

DiemonsterDie returns with a brand new full length album entitled "A Great And Terrible Loss" this is the first full length album from DieMonsterDie since the 2005 release of Only The Dead Will Survive, the album features 16 brand new studio songs including Red Wedding Dress, Still Pink Inside, The Dead Ones Remember, Invisible Hands, and The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Dead. you can hear many of the new songs on DieMonsterDie's ReverbNation page here: DieMonsterDie@ReverbNation
or visit the bands official website or myspace page the links are below, and get ready to hear a new era in horror punk and shock rock
DieMonsterDie's Official Website

For other great Horror Punk bands you can also visit Dr Cyclops Records DieMonsterDie's Record Label.


Fearnet Reports that a conversation with Robert Englund confrims there will be new Freddy Kruger films coming in the very near future!!

Since the rumors of a new Nightmare on Elm Street film have surfaced online, FEARnet is the first to hear it right from the mouth of that hideously disfigured child murderer! We just talked to Robert Englund (known by fans as the iconic Freddy Krueger) about his upcoming directorial venture Killer Pad (full interview soon) but in the mean time got his official word about the rumors of a new Nightmare on Elm Street film.

Recently there has been some buzz online about a new Nightmare on Elm Street film. Have you heard anything about this?

“I don’t know if it’s going to be Nightmare on Elm Street the original remake-which is not a bad idea especially with the success of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween-and get some new director to breathe new life into it. I always thought there was room for a prequel. I would be interested in being in that! It’s funny because they are all good. Texas Chainsaw Massacre the original was great and the original Halloween was great and some people even think that the original Nightmare on Elm Street is the best of them all. I don’t know if you’d want to remake it but it all happens sooner or later. There have been some spin-offs talked about with Freddy and Jason and Michael Myers which is interesting but maybe that’s kind of silly. Maybe one was enough. At one time there had been a prequel to Nightmare on Elm Street. I haven’t read that script but I heard things about it that John McNaughton the director of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer might direct it. That was kind of interesting. That’s the one I would be interested in being involved with.”

The Prequel?

“Well yeah because I’d obviously get to do it without the make up. Even though I’m getting old I’m not getting too old to play Freddy. I always figured by the time he was all burned and everything I figured he was in his 40’s anyway. I could pull that off. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with it.”