Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DiabloCast Episode 1

Welcome to the first Podcast from yours truly!! Hope you enjoy, download the podcast, tell me what you think, wanna hear your band? send me a message we will see what we can do. also post your opinions on the topics at hand.

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Oddity Of The Week!

A Hero of mine, has recently looked a bit out of touch. Peter Steel lead singer for Type O negative looks to have had a rough time recently. watch the video and let us know what you think, are you witnessing the demise or a comeback? Is Dead Again going to be one of the final albu
ms from Type O Negative? Or is my head stuck in my ass?

Double Dose: Gorgeous Frankenstein

Our Double Dose segment is 2 songs featured in a row, on the podcast, And you gives us your opinion of the songs, the album, and the band. have a listen and sound off! Gorgeous Frankenstein: features Doyal Von Frankenstein from the Misfits. also features Argyle Goolsby and Jessco, from Blitzkid, also note: the singer on this album is no longer with the band. I have mostly good reviews of the live performance. they just finished a tour with Danzig, who also Prouced and released this album on his label EvilLive.
The tour featured Danzig, Horrorpops and Gorgeous Frankenstein.

New to you: Underground:

The Mugshots, self proclaimed " Elitarian Undead Rock" from Brescia Italy. The song featured is called "Children Of The Night" we wanna know what you think sound off! let us here your feedback. Visit their website at:

Be sure to check back every week for updates, interviews and reviews, download the Podcast now !!


Pauly Psychotic said...

I like the two Gorgeous Frankenstein songs! I love Blitzkid and Misfits. So this is pretty good stuff!

Marquis DeBlood said...

I dig the "GF" stuff. I give 4 out of 5 skulls for a demo. A hellova lot better than "Kryst" stuff he did in the early 90's. On a side note though, The Blitzkid boys toured with him and are not on the recording. Doye and Danzig did all of the music and they had some kid do the vocals. I don't know why he didn't go on tour with them though.