Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DiabloCast Episode 4 playlist and Download

Download Diablocast Episode 4 HERE
(right click and "save target as" enjoy!)

Episode 4 playlist

Prong-Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck Prong Official
Blitzkid- Lupen Tooth Blitzkid Official
The Rosedales-So Ordinary The Rosedlaes Official
Others-I, Vampire Others Official
Bad Religion-News From The Front Bad Religion Official
The Independents-The next Kiss, Is The Last Goodbye The Independents Official
Overkill-Skull And Bones Overkill Official
She Wants Revenge- She Wants Revenge Official
Rezurex-Dia De Los Muertos Rezurex Official
The Wraiths- I Speak Rock N Roll http://www.myspace.com/wraithsband
DieMonsterDie-Lifless Are The Eyes DieMonsterDie Official
Left For Dead-Ted Danson Left For Dead on Myspace
The Dead Next Door-Graveyard Lover The Dead Next Door Official
The Nightshift-Brainsicle The Nightshift On Myspace
The Crimson Ghosts-Night of The Dead Prom Queen The Crimson Ghosts Official
The Jacknives-Put The Black Magic The Jacknives on Myspace
Rezurex-Prisoner Of Love Rezurex on Myspace
Covered In Bees-Car On Fire With Guns Covered In Bees Official
The Nights shift Interview (Dr Bonnzo)
The Nightshift-The End Of The World The Nightsshift on Myspace
Danzig-She Rides Danzig Official
DieMonsterDie-Inside I Quietly Bleed DieMonsterDie on Myspace
Unknown Hinson-Silver Platter Unknown Hinson on Myspace
The Rocketz-K I L L I N G The Rocketz Official
The Other-In The Dead of Night The Other Official
Double Dose: The Horrifics The Horrifics on Myspace
1.We Glow in The Dark
The Death Riders-Wrong Way Out The Death Riders Official
Grave Robber-Skeletons Grave Robber on Myspace
The Creepshow-Psycho ball And Chain The Creepshow Official
Serpenteens-Zombie Bride Serpenteens Official
Wednesday 13-Haunt Me Wednesday 13 Official
The Crimson Ghosts-Midnight Mayhem The Crimson Ghosts on myspace
The Dead Next Door-The Pain Of The Night The Dead Next Door on Myspace
Eagles of Death Metal-Dont Speak ( I came to make bang) EODM Official
Kalidon-The Skull Of You Kalidon Official
Danzig-Twist Of Cain Danzig Official
Concrete Blonde-Heal It Up Concrete Blonde Official

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