Friday, March 25, 2011

Upcoming: Diablocast Ep 19

Greetings Ghouls, wanted to post a quick message about everything we have coming up in this podcast and in future episodes!! I am working on Diablocast Episode 19 right now, and man it is gonna be a wicked one. In ep19 we have a double does of my band, DIEMONSTERDIE  2 songs from the 2010 album Fall To Your KNees, My interview with Songrwiter Producer Director CREEP CREEPRSIN  from the band CREEPERSIN   also very cool, IGGY POP  reading The Tell Tale heart from Edgar Allen Poe! and new to you band VAGORA    this is TB Monstrosity formerly of BLITZKID..  his new band 2 songs from them, as well as ANDY  and THE PIT  spinning metal from all era's and genre's.... tune in. and thanks for your support tell a friend would you?  also I have listed a few of the upcoming interviews...coming soon..

Thorsten Wilms aka  Rod Usher from german horror punk band The Other
TB Monstrosity formerly BLITZKID  now with Vagora
G Grant lead singer for SERPENTEENS
Larry The Wolf Bass Fiddleman and lead singer of the MANIMALS

thanks again to all of you for tuning into the podcast, you guys are truly the best!

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