Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zom Bee TV & Corpse Collective

Hello fiends, wanted to official announce on Diablocast about the new video podcast show called Corpse Collective, it is on the new Zom Bee TV channel that is available totally free if you own a Roku box!..

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The show is a spin-off of Mike Cadaver and Me and our audio podcast show Corpse Cast, we are stoked as hell to be working with Zom Bee Tv, they have some great programming and it grows everyday.. including a Metal music talk show called The White Label Loung, Cinema Insomnia hosted by Mr. Lobo and of coarse our show Corpse Collective. you can also find TONS of horror movies, all totally free.... if you own a Roku box, all you need is internbet access and a TV and you have access to over 600 channels...

Things are looking up for the channel, as well as all the original programming, so head out to Wal mart or Best Buy, or Target and grab your Roku ..Corpse Collective has 9 episodes of the video show available now, and one comes out every other week... there's no end in sight!!


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