Thursday, February 14, 2008

Episode 3 Playlist

episode 3 diablocast.

Misfits-Skulls: Misfits Official
Ramones-Rock N Roll High School: Ramones Official
The Dead Next Door-Monster Girl: The Dead Next Door Myspace
The Rosedales-It's Midnight: The Rosedales Official
Diemonsterdie-The Strange Mind Of Phineas Gage: DieMonsterDie Official
H.I.M.-Rip Out The Wings of A Butterfly: H.I.M. Official
Lugosi's Morphine-Leave something Witchy: Lugosi's Morphine Official
The Spookshow-I Can Kill You In A Heart Beat:The Spookshow Official
The Independents-Vamperella:The Independents Official
Gwar-Sick Of You: Gwar Official
Gwar-FishFuck: Gwar Myspace
Talking Heads-Psycho killer: Talking Heads Fansite
Satyricon-K.I.N.G.: Satyricon Official
Ramones-Beat on The Brat: Ramones Official
Hedwig And The Angry Inch-Tear Me Down: Hedwig Fansite
The Cramps-Bikini Girls With Machine Guns: The Cramps Official
Dir En Grey-The Final: Dir En Grey Official
The Crimson Ghosts-BloodRed: The Crimson Ghosts Official
Left For Dead-My Machine: Left For Dead Myspace
Lizzy Borden-Red Rum: Lizzy Borden Official
Double Dose:
1.Johnny B Morbid-Calling All Monsters: Johnny B Morbid Myspace
2.Johnny B Morbid-Freaks
Zombina And The Skeletones-Nobody likes You When Your Dead: Zombina
Blase Debris-Collecting Stares: Blase Debris Official
Nuke And The Living Dead-I'm Your Monster: Nuke Myspace
The Nightshift-Brainsicle: The Nightshift Myspace
Type O Negative-Christian Woman: Type O Negative Official
New To You:
The Wraiths-I Speak Rock N' Roll: The Wraiths Myspace
The Untamed-The Cannibal King: The Untamed Myspace
The Independents-Baby Doll: The Independents myspace
Diemonsterdie-Tornado: DieMonsterDie Myspace
Michale Graves-We Wait: Michale Graves Official
Morrissey-The Father Who Must Be Killed: Morrissey Official
Satyricon-Now Diabolical: Satyricon Myspace
Dir En Grey-Dead Tree: Dir En Grey Myspace

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Anonymous said...

that was a good Mix Last time. Can't go wrong with the Cramps and Gwar. - BT