Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Moment with A Rock Star!! let's hear it.

Everyone has a story about the coolest rocker in the world, or the biggest prick in the world, well..I wanna hear your story's post them and let me know about it,. Like the time I performed with Gwar, Oderus was a very cool fucking time,... or the time i met Lars Ulrich and told him he was a turd. post your story's good or bad!


jsin66 said...

Meeting "The Coop"

Meeting Alice Cooper in 2000 was one of the coolest moments ever. Having been a fan for many years I was stoked to be able to go backstage. Both myself and my brother Roadkill were in the Alice Cooper makeup. Little did we know, that only a few of the people backstage would get to meet the master, the rest would get to meet the band. It is because of the makeup we were able to meet Alice.

As we stood in line to meet him, I started thinking about other "Idols" I had met (Gene Simmons was a PRICK!) and got nervous.

My fears were dispelled upon meeting Alice. He was very cordial, friendly and was glad to take pictures with us.

There Alice Cooper stood in between myself and Roadkill, arms stretched over our shoulders smiling like a cheshire cat. He turned to his Daughter and asked her "Do we look like we're in the same band together?"

Ya know, it's like his song "I'm The Coolest" off of the "Go To Hell" album, he most certainly IS the coolest!

Later that night Alice's guitarist Ryan Roxie invited Roadkill's girlfriend out for a drink. He wanted to get down her pants BAD!
We all went out for a few and he was a total PRICK to Roadkill and myself. I guess you can't win them all!

The Coop is the coolest!

Shane Diablo said...

yeah, I think Alice would be an awesome person to meet, he just seems like he is down to earth!

Skazza said...
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