Thursday, January 17, 2008

DiabloCast Episode 3

Greetings Foul Ones, your FEARLESS Leader and the sexy voice in podcasting is hear!! and we have one hell of a show for you so get to it!! Download the Episode right here:DOWNLOAD EPISODE 3
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Featured in this episode, a chat with Jackal from The Crimson Ghosts as well as an EXCLUSIVE listen to " BLOODRED" a track from the brand new album that will be out courtesy of Fiend Force Records on Mrach 21st 2008!This song is an anthem, and if you have an ounce of fury in your bones you will have fist in the air, and be singing along in no time at all. I want to Thank Jackal for his support and offering this exclusive listen. You cannot even hear this song on thier official site yet. so get ready to spill Blood in the streets!, we also talk with Jackal for a moment
about his inspiration and musical taste. find The Crimson Ghosts here: The Crimson Ghosts

For our Double Dose this time around we find Johnny B Morbid (band/front man) from Toms River New Jersey this horror punk man, seems to whip out the albums faster than you can feature them. but this time around we feature 2 songs from his 2007 album "Calling All Monsters" the two songs featured the title track Calling All Monsters and Freaks this is where YOU come in. As Always we want you to post your feedback, let us know what you think of the songs,the band, and all together the show I have put together...dont worry i have thick skin. so get to work!

Our "new to you band" this week, hails from Parma Italy a great band called The Wraiths. They are currently in the studi recording a full length album, the song we will play for you is called I Speak Rock N' Roll Listen and post your thought on this band you can find The Wraiths here:
The Wraiths @

As Always, dont be shy, post your thoughts on the podcast or any bands, stories or vide you see hear!

on a side note, i would like to thank the 500 plus people who have downloaded the last 2 episodes tell a friend, Join The forums at WorldHorrorNetwork.Com
and also check out Dr Cyclops Records it is my baby, and you can find some great music there. We will soon have albums and single song downloads there for you, so check back.

Last But Not Least: Thanks to my friend Marquis Deblood from and the band Others for the new Intro to the show. well done Sir Deblood!!!

stay evil
shane D

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