Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Episode 2 Playlist

DieMonsterDie-When Dead Things Rise Again : DieMonsterDie at Myspace
Motorhead-Killed By Death : Motorhead Official
Rocket From The Crypt-I Drink Blood : Rocket From The Crypt Official
The Ledgendary Invisible Men-Spooks Night Out : The Ledgendary Invisible Men Myspace
Balzac-Wall : Balzac Official
45 Grave-Evil : 45 Grave at Myspace
Dr Chud's X-Ward-Spider Baby : Dr Chud's X-Ward Official
DieMonsterDie-Red Wedding Dress : DieMonsterDie Official
The Quintessential-Inferno : The Quintessentials Official
Serpenteens-X Ray Eye's : Serpenteens Official
The Other-Beware of Ghouls : The Other Official
W.A.S.P.-I Wanna Be Somebody : W.A.S.P. Official
King Diamond-Abigail : King Diamond Official
Horror Of 59 (double Dose) Horror Of 59 Official
1.Die My way
2.Post Mortem Riot
Nim Vind- In The Night : Nim Vind Official
Amy Winehouse-Back To Black : Amy Winehouse Official
Alkaline Trio-Dethbed : Alkaline Trio Official
Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell : MeatLoaf Fan site
Misfits-Saturday Night : Misfits Official
Slayer-Dead Skin Mask : Slayer Official
Horror Story-Dellamort Dellamore : Horror Story at Myspace
The Clash-London Calling : The Clash Official
Faith No More-Collision : Faith No More Official
Demented Are Go-Rubber Buccaneer : Demented Are Go Official
Ramones-Pet Cemetery :Ramones Official
Black Magic Six-Raging Bull (new to you) Black Magic Six at Myspace
Left For Dead-Beware The Moon : Left For Dead Label
More Than Never-Bride Of All my Nightmares : More Than Never at Myspace

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