Thursday, January 17, 2008

DiabloCast Exclusive BLOODRED by The Crimson Ghosts!!

One of the front runners in the Horror Punk scene without a doubt is the infamous German Horror Punks THE CRIMSON GHOSTS, and as I have said before one of my favorites. Well what could make them even closer to my heart than they already are? How about and exclusive listen to a brand new track from the new album? That's right. we have a copy of the songs "BLOODRED" from the new album due out March 21st 2008 entitled "Dead Eyes Can See" released on Fiend Force Records, which let's be honest, have a knack for finding great talent. And to date have not released a sub par album, and this is coming from ME!! One of the owners of Dr Cyclops Records.

Folks you cant even find this song on the official Crimson Ghosts website! That is how kick ass this is!! Thanks to The Crimson Ghosts for giving us this very cool honor. Now wait patiently for Episode 3 to arrive and get ready cause this fucking song is a barn burner!! BOO YA!

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